iBelt™ measures belt load, speed and misalignment with high accuracy in real time.
It is used for production control, machine optimization and belt wear reduction.

iBelt™ Sensors

iDDR™ – Volume Measurement

iDVR™ – Speed Measurement

iLDR™ – Misalignment/Freeboard

  • Reliable Data

    Precise measurements under all environmental conditions. Precise at all belt types.

  • Accuracy > 99%

    Full contour scan. No drift. Contact free measurement.

  • Process Control

    Online and real time volume measurements. Machine control by throughput/load position measurement. Production utilization statistics.

  • Easy Commissioning

    Installed and calibrated in one shift. For all standard industrial interfaces. No software installation, no maintenance, no cleaning.

More Key Qualities

  • Robust – Measurement results not affected by dust, rain, snow, steam, temperature conditions or wind

  • Direct volumetric measurement – Important for stockpile and bin dumping control without overload

  • Easy to install – Can be integrated into existing structures (hardware, software)

  • Compact – Scanner, processing unit and software in one IP 66 housing

  • Easy access – Via Webserver or other interfaces

  • For high volume flows – No belt size limitation

  • For narrow and wide conveyors – From 0.6 m to 3.0 m in width (from ~24" to ~120")

  • Unaffected by belt wear and vibration – Weight cells misreadings caused with wear and vibration

  • High accuracy – Through high sampling rate of 15 Hz

  • Instant on-the-spot application – Directly applicable at transfer points

  • Single auto calibration – Merely one initial parameterization required

  • Safe – No precautions necessary

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Field of use

iBelt™ is in use around the world in a wide spectrum of applications. The solution is highly adaptable and worry-free for industries that demand reliable and exact information about material flow.

  • Inventory control – For material dispatchment and production reporting
  • Production control – Loading vessels, trucks, silos, loadouts
  • Machine control – Speed, luff, slew, long travel control for stacker and reclaimer, A-Frames and more

iBelt™ is a modular and industry-proven solution that can be easy customized to your specific requirements.


  • Laser

  • Mechanic

  • Nuclear

Laser scanners are sensitive to weather conditions: Dust, rain, mist, snow and steam inhibit consistent measurements. These measurement errors cause excessive volume flow rates.

Belt scales require frequent recalibration. Load cells or strain gauges have to be mechanically integrated in a time-consuming procedure. They also have to be recalibrated on a regular basis. Even sophisticated and well serviced systems yield measurement errors of 5-10%.

Radioactive measurements are expensive and complex (transportation, radiation protection, complex hardware etc.).

Setting a new standard

iBelt™ is a contact-free volume scanner measurement solution that generates providing data on volume, not on mass.

Today, most bulk measuring processes use mass for control, as for instance belt scales do.
The main reason for belt scales still being widely used is simply that they have been around for decades!

The drawbacks of these common technologies are overcome by working with volume as the central process unit and with completely contact-less technology to avoid mechanical errors. It brings the following advantages:

  • Single lifetime calibration if mechanical belt structure does not change
  • Higher accuracy with less equipment installed
  • Contact-free technology allows for simple mechanical installation
  • Density may be calculated online in combination with a belt scale


iBelt™ is both a compact and highly flexible solution to fit any requirements. Based on the award-winning indurad radar sensor technology, it brings the following benefits:

  • Fast: installation within one shift, easy calibration
  • Intuitive: own iWEB™ Human Machine Interface
  • Integrative: connects to all industrial interfaces
  • Smart: current + retrospective production
  • Reliable: operative under all environmental conditions + on all belts
  • Enduring: no maintenance required
  • Money-saver: reduce wear, downtime, avoid over/underfilling and cut excessive power consumption